Monday, May 16, 2016

Introduction of Me

Well, here I am. This is me. Yeah, I am learning to be okay with me too, so it's okay if you aren't there yet.

I am stepping out on a branch, doing what God has called me to do, and that is share my story. He gave me the gift of written words, He breathes them into me, and for a lot of it, I don't breathe it back out like He wants me to. Well, that changes now, because my friend has both inspired me and challenged me with her faith to step out and do what God wants me to do and that is be a light to the world.

I am doing something similar to what she did in her opening blogpost at and going to give you ten facts about me.

Ten. I love to travel.

Nine. I love college even when I complain about it, because it is pushing me, testing me, and refining me in all aspects of my character.

Eight. My preferred career choice is doing something that helps others.

Seven. I have had a miscarriage and a molar pregnancy before going on to carrying a baby full term, she is now one.

Six. I am just now learning to have some confidence in myself, and it feels good.

Five. I spend a lot of time in deep thought about many issues regarding faith, life, and the next Harry Potter movie.

Four. I like when people inspire me to be a better person because sometimes I am so spent that I don't feel like doing what God has called me to do.

Three. I love the rain, it is soothing.

Two. I am a mixed bag when you get to know me, I have both very positive traits and other not so positive traits.

One. I have depression and I have been struggling through it and now I am learning to be okay. This one, number one, is a journey and a struggle.

So, there you have the first ten things you will learn about me, right there. I am embracing it. I am owning it. I am being me without regrets, being the me that God created me to be. I hope that I can encourage, and grow, with any and all of you.

Have a blessed evening.



  1. I love it.
    I love you and I am proud of you! So incredibly proud!

    1. I am even more proud of you, it took you stepping forward first with your story to give me the courage to start with mine here. I love you more my dear <3 You change lives, you have changed mine and it all started with a painting that read f a I t h in different colors and a message written on the back of it, in a hotel room in Chicago <3 <3